Mentee Information

Mentee Information

As a professional new to the field of transplant social work, you likely have a lot of questions.  We all did and we still do!  Transplant social work is a specialized field which has continuously changing regulations, ethical dilemmas, resources, therapies, and other challenges.

The Society for Transplant Social Workers has developed a program to link you with a seasoned transplant social worker who will help you develop your skills and build tools so that you can best serve your patients and your team.  A STSW Mentor will help you navigate and explore this new territory.  You’ll learn how to find and best utilize available resources and best practices in our field.  You’ll learn how to use the forum boards and the annual conference to tap into the expertise of your 300+ fellow STSW members to help you resolve issues quickly and move your program practice forward.  We encourage all new members to take advantage of this program.

To apply to get a Mentor:

  1. Download and complete the Mentee Application  including choosing 3 potential mentors from the Mentor Profiles.
  2. Complete the Mentee Training Program and the Quiz at the end of the training (This program is approved by the National Association of Social Workers for 1 continuing education hour)
  3. Complete the  Mentee Training Evaluation
  4. Send an e-mail to  and attach:
    • Your completed and signed application
    • Your completed Mentee Training Quiz
    • Your completed Mentee Training Evaluation form
    • If you prefer to mail or fax your information, please send an e-mail to requesting an address or fax number

Your application will be reviewed to ensure that you meet the qualifications for the program.  You must pass the quiz with at least an 80% score. You will be notified of your quiz score and if you pass, your information will be forwarded to the mentor matching committee.  They will review you requested mentor list against the list of available mentors and inform you of your mentor assignment.

You are expected to initiate contact with your Mentor.  They will be notified at the same time you are, so they will be expecting your call or e-mail to arrange a meeting date, time, and format (phone, teleconference, in person).  You should have your list of goals ready for your first scheduled meeting time.  Remember, you should let you Mentor know what you want to learn or what areas you are having difficulties with.

After a 1 year assignment, you will be asked to provide an evaluation of your relationship and of the program.  This is a new endeavor for STSW and your feedback is critical to the development and growth of the program.

Please always reach out to the mentor program administrator by e-mailing with any questions or concerns.

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